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I LOVE EMMMMMAAAAA! [Apr. 23rd, 2005|01:57 pm]
[mood |jubilantjubilant]
[music |As It Goes - MT]


Friday - Mom dragged me out of bed at 9. :{ I hate when she does that, she bursts through the door singing, she puts all the lights on, and pulls all the covers off me. :{ Then she opens the shades and it's all bright and cold. Ugh I hate that. Then I have to get up because it's bright and ugly. Anyways so I got up all mad. Ellie came over. I had to babysit her and Kyle while my aunt and mom went to my uncle's funeral. me and Ellie came upstairs, she helped me clean my room cause it was destroyed. Yeah then I took a shoer, got dressed, got her dressed, blah blah. She got mascara all over the place. Ugh whatever.

Then my mom and aunt came to pick us up to go to the cemetery place. It took like 20 minutes to get there, and what do ya know? All the cars are already driving out of the cemetery. So we missed it. We just went to the restaurant. We got in there and my mom made my and Kyle go see my Aunt Genine (it was her husband that died) We only see them like once a year if we're lucky so it was awkward. I'm not good at things like that. I started laughing cause I was nervous and got all shaky. God I hate that. But whatever, did that. Ate lunch, talked to people.

You know what I hate? Okay so these people you've never even SEEN before they all come up to you "Oh my God I didn't even recognize you Kaitlin. You're so tall. Oh my God. Blah blah blah. I remember you when you were this little. You look just like your mother" That's all I got all day. I just sat there smiling with a few oh's and yeah's. gee I hate that. I've never even seen these people before! Well whatever.

So then after we ate we had to go socialize. Also something I'm not very good at with people I don't even know. I just went with my mo mto talk to my cousin Micheal. He's 30. That was weird I just kind of sat. :} Watched Ellie and Mia. (a cousin I've never met before) Wonderful. She's 1, and I had to follow her around everywhere for like an hour. Okay so finally we left. We went back to my memere's house. I watched Seabiscuit. it sucked, but I didn't feel like going upstairs with people I didn't know. teh nfinally I went upstairs around 4 cause I wanted to go home. My mom introduced me to some more relative? Yeah said hello. Tehn we left aorund 4:30. I came home and got ready for dance.

Went to dance. Pretty boring. Both of our dances are done so there's like nothing to do. Then in between classes I called Emma like every minute but she was never home. :{ I called Chris. talked for like 2 minutes? That was dumb, but whatever, Caleld Hilary. Talked to her but then it was wicked cold outside so I went in and hung up with her. Just sat inside and did nothing. *sigh Then jazz. I gave Maria her present. :D Jazz was wicked gay. We finished our dance in there too so we just had to do all these jumps going across the room, which I suck at, so I just fooled aorund and ran across and did random things. Lmao. It was fun. THEN WE DID THE JUMP THAT EMMA ALWAYS TRIED TO DO! Lmao. I started cracking up randomly and everyone looked at me. :X yeah. Then we did the dance like once and went home. Called Emma like 20 more times, still wasn't home.

Just came online and whatnot. Until 10:30 then I figured there would be no sleepover. :{ So I just watched tv. THEN AT 11 EMMA CALLED ME! :D I was so fricking happy! I started screaming and I wa slike come over nooooow! So she did and I was jumping for joy and screaming and everything. woo. So we went in the basement. talked about the whole week until like 2. Then we opened the couch and made the bed cause I didn't feel like sleepin on the floor. :} We had to move like 30 times because well the bed is broken, and there is like a mountain in the middle. Lmao. So yeah. Finally fell asleep.

Emma wakes me up in the morning ... 'OH MY GOD KAITLIN IS 12:30!!" I try looking at the clock but I don't have my glasses on. Emma- "SEE!?!?" Me- "No I can't see Emma I don't have my glasses" Emma hands me my glasses but I can't see them either haha. She shoves them in my face. I put them on. "OH MY GOD NOW IT'S 12:31!" Start laughing. Yeah. lol. So emma calls her mom to come get her. "Areyouthere" Lmao. So she has chocolate milk and leave.

I come upstairs to get ready. She's coming back anytime now so I'm gonna go. :} I have a lot of homework, but screw it. EMMA'S FINALLY BACKKKKK!! :D
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Love is not a word, it's a feeling. A feeling I don't have. [Apr. 21st, 2005|09:26 pm]
[mood |discontentdiscontent]
[music |Fat Albert]

hello, here I am again. I would have written sooner, only my computer didn't have internet for like a day?
I don't know, it's messed up, but whatever I'll live.
Um today I did nothing isn't that special!? :D
I was supposed to go bowling with Hilary, Emily, Pat and others, only it wouldn't work for several reasons that I do not wish to type.
None of you really care about my life story anyways. :}

So I got up at like 9. Watched Dawson's Creek till 12. I love that show.
Anyways, yeah. Made some food. Ate. Did nothing. Watched tv and came online till 3ish.
Called brianna to come over, but she couldn't. :/ *sigh
So I decided to get ready.
My mom took me to get my flute fixed. We couldn't go to Al Drew's or whatever because of some reason, so we went to Rick's. They gave me a replacement one while it's being fixed. $175 =O And I have to earn 75 of it. Wonderful. Anyways yeah. I haven't tried the replacement yet, but i'm sure it'll be fine. :}

So then I came home around 5. Begged my mom to get my Chinese. She did. :D
Ate that. Dad came home and such. My brother put an onion in my ICED TEA. And I swallowed it cause I didn't know. >:0 :{ I gagged. he laughed. I hit him, and got in trouble. BUT HE DIDN'T!? Whatever.
Oh by the way, I am an iced-tea-aholic. I drank a whole pitcher full of it in one day. :X
I used to hate it, but now I like it. My mo mtold me it had a lot of caffeine in it, and that's why I'm very restless these days I believe. :}
Oh and did you know that Brian in a chocolate/coffe-aholic? Yeah well he is.
Cause he told me. And my mom buys him coffee milk all the time? Just like she buys Emma chocolate milk.
Woo. =P So yes.

Then around 7 Ellie came over. I had to babysit while our parents went to my uncles wake. I wasn't into going only because I've had enough for one year. I feel bad cause he's family, even though I wasn't very close. But I don't do very well at things like that. I either laugh because I'm nervous or cry because I'm nervous. So I decided I would just babysit Ellie.

We played Twister. I won every time because she kept falling over. :D Woo. Then we watched HOme Alone 2. Only she didn't like that. She pretended to talk to Chris on my cellular? then Dylan and Brian? Whatever. She had a very long conversation with "Brian" on it. Lmao. I was cracking up. Then we watched Fat Albert up in my room. My aunt and uncle came to get her around 9:15. I have to babysit her tomorrow also.
Because tomorrow is the funeral and I did want to go to that.
Only my mom volunteered me? I almost had to watched some other cousins that I've never met before but then I didn't have to? Whatever.

My fmaily is very messed up right now.
All my relatives from Maine, Washington, and Virginia come down to my Memere's to stay for like a week?
But the wake and funeral are only 2 days. And that's screwing everything up.
Because my mom's mad because they're a burden to my memere and pepere and my aunt's mad for the same reason.
But they really are annoying. They're all like crazy and they make it seem like this whole big party
when it's really a funeral. I can't stand that. "Oh we have to make sure there are crackers and cheese"
Shut the fuck up. ugh whatever. None of you really care.

Moving on. Oh yes and Jess, I love her.

xA Million Lies: Do you want to live in a yellow submarine with me?
xMarDi215x: OH MY GOSH
xMarDi215x: OF COURSE
xMarDi215x: :-D:-D:-D:-D
xA Million Lies: YAY! :D
xA Million Lies: I love Jess.
xMarDi215x: Jess Loves Kaitlin

:D hehe. Anyways I'm about done. I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW. Emma is coming homeeeee! :D I'm going to hang out with her for the rest of the vacation.
God, it better make up for these past fews days when I did NOTHING. :{
Bowling Saturday. everyone come. :} Kay bye.
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I wish it never was ... [Apr. 20th, 2005|10:31 pm]
[mood |distresseddistressed]
[music |Nothing.]

I've decided to write in this thing more. Because I have no life, and well ... I like it? Whatever. You odn't have to read it, but it gives me something to do and relives stress? haha I don't know what I'm talking about. I'm drunk on ice tea. :}

I wish Chris and/or Brian was on. I don't know why. Well I need to talk to Chris and ... Brian? I don't know I just want to talk to him.

Today I did nothing. Talked to Emma a lot which was cool. I can't wait until she gets back. I'm probably going to get her at the airport with Gram! :D And I also get to miss jazz if I do that which is cool. I'm going to jump on her. :} Hehe.

I also worked on my scrapbook today, oh and my art project. I finished the art thing because I got waaaaay too into it :X But whatever. I'm almost done my scrapbook as well. I just have to write all the thingys. I talked to a very cool person today. This girl Shannon I met through Hilary. She helped me a lot. I'm glad I talked to her because she gave me some very valuable information. :}

Anwyays. I'm tired. My contacts hurt. I'm watching Even Stevens even though I don't really like this show. Whatever. Oh NO! Anwar's out of American Idol! :{ I loved him. *sigh. I wish I could still draw good, I miss doing that. Only I don't think I'm that good anymore considering I haven't done it in so long. Whatever.

Tomorrow I hope I do something, get out of this house. Go bowling? I don't care. Just out with some people. Does ice tea have a lot of caffeine in it? Cause I drank a whole lot of that today. Oh yeah and I got back into playing catch with my brother. Haha, I'm so bad. But it was fun. We were out there for an hour and it was wicked hot. You odn't care though, do you? No.

I fricking downloaded this stupid thing for my computer on ACCIDENT. And it totally screwed up my computer. It took forever to uninstall it and even still my computer's messed up. God, this is gay. Whatever. I'll live.

Gee, everything reminds me of them. I can't fricking do anything. it's so dumb, sometimes I wish. Well ... nevermind. I don't want to think about it. Okay I'm about done. My back hurts, and I'm tired. Oh did you know that I love Hilary? Now you do. :} Bye.
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HEY HEY HEY [Apr. 20th, 2005|04:53 pm]
[mood |restlessrestless]
[music |Johnny Quest Thinks We're Sellouts]

Haha. I found this somewhere and it was too big for my away message so I'm just going to put it in here. :}

I may be jumping to conclusions,
And crying for no fucking reason.
Punching that goddamn wall again,
Wondering where the fuck you are.
Are you out with her?
Not thinking about me,
Cause you sure do fucking know
I'm thinking about you.
You're a dick! Scratch that,
I don't fucking mean it,
And you know it.
Well, are you having fun without me?
Are you moving on, away?
Goddamnit, don't move on.
Not yet, not until I have.
I swear to fucking God ...
Don't leave my here now.
You can't do this. SHIT!
You can't fucking do this.
Not to me, not after all this time.
It's been 2 whole goddamn years,
All down the drain.
And that's okay with you?
That's o-fucking-kay!?
Do you know what you do to me?
You kill me, goddamnit.
Are you home or not?
I'll call you a dick again if I have to.
Are you ever going to call me?
You fucking know my number.
Pick up the goddamn phone and dial.
You know I'm waiting,
I'm always fucking waiting.

No, I didn't write that. But whoever did must have been pretty mad. Lol, but it made me laugh.
Okay I'm about done now. Today I did nothing. :} Bye.
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Ultra nutritious, Ultra delicious! [Apr. 19th, 2005|05:52 pm]
[mood |mellowmellow]
[music |Jailbait Judgement - AStepBehind]

The vacation has definately gotten better.

Monday - I woke up around 10:30. Watched tv and whatnot. Came online, blah blah. Made plans with Alyse. Got ready. Memere and Ellie came over around 12. Mom came home from work aournd 1. I went to Alyse's. Got there and walked to Chris's, who was suppsoed to walk to Alyse's but she said we were surprising him? He wasn't there. Walked abck to Alyse's. Went in the river. And whatnot. Haha that was fun. I ran through it like 10 times and got my shoes wet. :D Got all muddy and whatnot, but it was fun. :} Went back inside and got new socks. Chris and Dave came over. Went to the tubes and just talked. I don't really remember exactly what happened. We just hung out with them for awhile. They left. me and Alyse went inside. Made nachos and watched Sex and the City. :}

Hmm ... Dylan and Chris came over then I believe or something. We just hung out with them. They left cuz we had to eat. We ate chicken. Haha so many details. Hmm yes. Then um we went back to the tubes. Talked about stuff. Alyse got mad at me :X Lol. yeah. Then we walked to Chris's. Him and Dylan came out for like 2 minutes then we left cuz they had to eat. Went back to Alyse's. Uhhhh ... I don't remember what happened next. Dylan and Chris eventually came back over. Then Dave. We uh talked some more and whatnot? Tom got his friends and we played manhunt. Hah, we were supposed to not run near the tress but we couldn't see. I ran into them like 3196238756328756 times. Oh well. :} yeah we played that for awhile. Nothing very interesting happened. Dave brought me home around 10. Came home, online, and the attempted to go to sleep. Woke up at 1, then 3:30 watched tv for a few hours. Went back to sleep at 6 ... you really don't care. Haha yeah.

Today - Woke up at 8. Watched Anchorman twice. :D I love that movie. Did ss notes and some of novel writing which made me very proud of myself. Got ready, ate blah blah. Got dropped off at Hilary's around 1. Walked to Josies and met up with Chris and Dylan. Got mad because of something. Blah. I LOVE YOU HILARY! :D yeah we ate ice cream, talked, sang. Hehe. Saw Adam and Beaka. Went to Mr. Pedro's house. Haha, he wasn't home. Went to Corneau's, he wasn't home. Called Alyse, she was home. First we went to get Britney, she wasn't home. What luck we had. Went to the tubes. Me and Hilary went to get Alyse. Came back. Just hung aorund there and whatnot. Then we decided to go to the river and stuff. Me and Hilary whined. :} But her more than me, I will have you know. :D yeah so ALyse carried me across cuz I didn't want to walk in the water. hehe yeah. yeah that was alright. Went back to Alyse's Stood there. Layed down in the street. Uh I don't remember what else.

Eventually we left around 3:30. I walked back to Hilary's home with her. My dad picked me up there. My feet hurt very badly. So I came home, came online, tv, blah. Made supper? Yeah that was very unusual.

So yes this vacation got very good, especially cause I was with Chris a lot. :} And Hilary, Alyse, Dylan and Dave too. Okay well that's about it. I don't know what I'm doing tomorrow. Bowling I think maybe Thursday cuz it's supposed to be cold. yes so that's it. Farewell.
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BLAH [Apr. 17th, 2005|08:36 pm]
[mood |lonelylonely]
[music |Mr. Deeds.]

This vacation isn't going very well so far. :/

Let's see - Friday night I went to dance like usual. Our class might be split up cuz we all refuse to go on Friday nights next year. I never really thought about it before but if that happens it's going to suck so bad. I've known everyone in my class since I was 4 and we're all kind of close I guess. I mean I used to not talk to any of them when I was little because I was wicked shy, but in the past few years they've become some really good friends. But anyways, I really hope we don't get split up. So yeah dance was fun. Finished our tap dance which is awesome. Then in jazz we got to lay on the ground and meditate? I don't know. Ann Marie (the teacher) was in a wicked bad mood. She kept yelling at us (mostly me and Maria) for tlaking. Whatever, she gets very moody. So screw her. Went home. Um I think I just came online and went to bed.

Saturday - YARD SALE! :D I was so happy. On a count of I thought some people would be coming to visit me. Turns out only Alyse and Emily came. Wonderful. That sucked, I was not happy. But I got over it. Hung out with Emily for awhile. Yeah. I made $24 which was cool. Then our neighbors and us ordered pizza and we ate that. Cleaned up the rest of the stuff. Chrissy and Jack come over. I earned another $25 watched Chrissy for a couple hours. Then everyone left.

Finally around 6:30 I went to the mall with Hilary. That was very fun. We shopped and walked around. We both hate the stairs which is cool because Emma and Steve always drag me up them just to make fun of me. :{ haha yeah I'm afraid of the stairs cuz they have holes and I think I'm going to fall. =P haha well Hilary hates them too so it was good. I tried on these boy shorts that said hippie on the belt. And I really wanted them. Only they were $34 dollars and I wasn't about to spend that. Um. Went to Cliares and other places. Ugh there are two Filenes in the fricking mall now? Me and Hilary kept going up and down the escalators trying to find the fricking 1st floor. Then this gay guy told us there wasn't one and the juniors department was in the other Filenes on the other side of the mall? Whatever seriously drunk person did that had some issues. So whatever. Haha yeah. She bought me a pretzel <3 Then we went to the food court to eat. On the table Hilary left 5 pennies. So I tore a piece of my reciept and with my eye liner drew a = sign then put a nickle. So it said --5 pennies = 1 nickle-- Lmao. We got a kick out of that =P Anyways yeah at around 9:15 we left cuz tu padre was late. DONDE ES TU PADRE!? Haha that was funny. So she brought me home. I just came online then eventually went to bed.

Sunday (today) - Got up around 10. Just hung aorund my house, came online, did nothing until like 3ish. Then I decided to get ready. :} Went to Stop and Shop with my mom and dad? yeah, I was very bored. So I bought some stuff, and helped them I guess. Came home. brought stuff in. Came online. Watched some tv. Came online. TALKED TO EMMA.God I miss her so much. my life is pretty pathetic without her. Oh well. I called like 3985636 people today but no one was home. >:0 Yeah. but she had to go. :{ I ate supper. Watched mr. Deeds, which I am still watching. And eyah typing this. I hope the rest of this vacation goes better. :{ Cuz it kind of sucks so far. :{ Ugh whatever. I'm leaving bye.
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Bada ba ba ba ... I'm lovin' it! [Apr. 12th, 2005|06:28 pm]
[mood |sicksick]
[music |Nothing.]

I'm pretty bored. I've been sick for 3 days now. But yet I still go to school? I have a lot of tests tomorrow skipping tomorrow would be out of the question. I CAN'T BREATHE! Whatever, I'll survive.

Emma's last day is tomorrow. :{ I seriously don't know what the hell I am going to do without her, and rachael, and Cassy. Blah. I shall hang out with Hilary and Emily a whole lot though, obviously. :} Blah I still have to do that stupid gaspee thing, that I know nothing about. And I should be studying, but do I ever? No. I just tell myself that I will, then never do. :}

I cannot wait until Florida though. Going to be so fun. Oh and also this Saturday. My yard sale. :D Which everyone should come to, just on a count of you loooooove me. :D

Now I'm pretty bored so I found these random things somewhere ...

Comment: Tell me in atleast 3 sentences the exact opposite of what you think about me.

Comment: How far would you go to save my life?
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People come to yard sales to buy hangers. [Apr. 10th, 2005|05:55 pm]
[mood |anxiousanxious]
[music |Hopeless Love]

Good weekend. Most of it.

Friday - Dance. Talked about different nights for classes next year. Everyone was too afraid to say that we hated Friday nights, so ofcourse I spoke up. =P Then she asked who else felt the same as me, and everyone rasied their hands. What idiots. Haha anyways. it was boring actually. Maria and Kelly weren't there so I like died. Whatever. Talked to April's boyfriend and Nikko? They sound like fags. They're wicked mean, too. Whatever. Came home. Ellie slept over. Wonderful.

Saturday - Ellie woke me up at 10. I colored with her for a while. Um then I got ready and cleaned my room. brianna came over around 12ish. We walked to Dels. Saw Sam, Ed, Alie, and Kathy there. Said hello. Walked home. Watched Fat Albert with Kyle and Ellie. Ate lunch. Yeah. She went home around 3. Emma, Rachael, and Patrick picked me up. Went to Emma's. Walked to places. Talked to people. We were walking in a line and Rachael said it seemed like we were in a tv show. That was dumb. Haha. The theme song never came on though. Lmao. Yeah anyways. I brought Rachael and Patrick home around 5ish. Came home. Said hello to all the little kis around my house. God thereare so many! Then Emma picked me up again and I went to her uncles with her. Ate pizza, played basketball. I'm an idiot. I was doing a slam dunk (haha) but I stood under the net and the ball hit me right in the nose. Then my eyes got all watery and everyone thought I was crying. Except Emma didn't care either way, she fell down laughing. Haha. Watched Holes. That's a good movie. Called my dad to sleep over Emma's. He said yes. :} Slept over there. Looked at a bunch of Emma's baby pictures and other pictures of friends last year. It was very weird. All the boys had really short hair and they looked wicked different. Like Corneau Dave and Chris. Yeah anyways. Looked at pictures for like 2 hours. Then we went to bed.

Sunday - Woke up at 8:30 cuz I had ccd. :{ Got dressed. Then Emma woke up. We hung out with Sam. Haha he kept biting us and then I accidentally pushed him on to to floor. :X Yeah that was funny though. Then I went to ccd. Did nothing. Didn't eat lamb this time. Didn't go to church, thankfully. Came home and got ready. Cleaned my room again, because my mom doesn't let me go anywhere unless it's spotless. Whatever. I jt threw everything under my bed and in my closet. :} Then I went to the mall to shop for the cruise. Ah I so cannot wait. 4 WEEKS FROM TODAY! it's going to be so great. Yeah anyways. Bought a couple shirts, shorts, and a bathing suit. Then we went to I Party. I bought a bunch of things for Emma. I was going crazy, so my mom made me leave. Haha. yeah. Then we went to Stop and SHop for some mroe of Emma's present. Hehe. Then finally we came home. I put everything together and made a card. The bag is very heavy. :D Anyways, yeah. Then I came online. Talked to people. Did 26 questions for English.

Then I brought tons of crap into my garage for my yard sale. EVERYONE COME TO IT THIS SATURDAY!!!! BRING AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU WANT! Yeah anyways, so I did that. Played basketball with maddie, Jordan, and Kyle for awhile. Got more yard sale stuff ready. Yelled at my dad because he was trying to sell Chucky!! I was like no. :} Took him back. Went upstairs. Yeah. Then I went for a walk with my mother and Hoshi. Saw 10 daogs and my mom was having a nervous breakdown. Haha. Surprisingly I wasn't? Whatever. Then here I am. I'm going to my neighbors for supper in a few minutes. God I've been with them every fricking day for like 2 weeks. It's insane. So yeah whatever.

I've been TRYING to do novel writing, but I have so many other things on my mind.

Yard Sale
School tomorrow
Emma's birthday
Supper (haha)
A job that I need to get
Hampton Beach
My birthday

yeah, so I don't think I'll be doing Novel Writing tonight. Whatever, screw Mrs. Yacino. :} I'm so nice. Kay I'm donw now. Byebye. I have a soar throat. :{
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Emma's giddy. So am I. Lupe Johnson? [Apr. 7th, 2005|06:27 pm]
[mood |giddygiddy]
[music |She's Gonna Break Soon - LTJ]

School was alright. Report cards. Did good. Talked Mrs. Yacino into giving me 2 points, so now I have honors! :D Go me. Anyways, band was boring as usual. I hate school.

Went to Emma's She dragged me all the way too Coelho. Oh my god it took so looooong to get there, Ah I almost died. Emma was being wicked retarded, and so was I. We said some pretty retarded things then laughed a whole lot. Nothing new there.

So we get there and like went across the street to this arear thing. Lol. Went to Lee's pond or whatever. Took pictures of ducks swimming in the pool, and geese that were going to attack us. Saw some guys skatebording. I think some of them may have been hot, but couldn't see so whatever. I got over it. So we left. I asked this little skateboarder dude for his autograph for Emma and he said "Yeah you better keep walking!" it was dumb. Whatever. So we walked home. My legs hurt very badly.

Sat for a minute. Talked. Then continued home. Ate meat pie and chips and stuff. Then I came home. Now I'm talking to Dave Corneau and Hilary. Um, yeah. I have to do math and english sometime soon. Whatever. I can't wait for the weekend, like always. Not like I really do anything, well yeah I do, but still.

I'm so hyper. I don't know why. I'm giddy, as Emma would say. Kay I'm about done. I get so bored in this town. I wish I lived in Mass or something. me and Emma decided it's awhole lot better. Than our gay ghetto town thing. I hate Cumberland, there's nothing to do. And like there's no new people to meet or no where to go and hang out or whatever. Oh what like the library? There's Archie's, but that's it. Okay I'm just rambling. BUT OMG I WISH I LIVED IN LIKE FLORIDA. OR NEW HAMPSHIRE ... HAMPTON BEACH! That would be soooo awesome. Hampton Beach is my favorite place like ever, aside from NYC.

Yeah I'm done now. Haha.
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Nobody loves you, and nobody wants you. [Apr. 6th, 2005|06:55 pm]
[mood |ditzyditzy]
[music |I'm Losing - AStepBehind]

Yesterday was Amy's birthday. I'm not sure if I said that yet or not. But, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY! :D

Anyways. My day.

Band - Alright. My flute needs fixing badly, maybe even a new flute? Yeah, that would be nice. Band was pretty boring and usual, except for Mr. Pedro. He was being weirder than usual, making weird voices and whatnot. It was freaking me and Hilary out.

Social Studies - Movie. I did my notes instead. That movie bores the hell out of me.

Spanish - Took a quiz, or should I say a 4 page test? She's so retarded. Whatever. Probably failed that, well maybe not. It was easier than I thought it would be. So yeah. We did that in there.

English - Took a vocab quiz. That I probably failed, also. I didn't study and blah. Whatever. And I supposidly had an attitude? Whatever, I get that a lot. :} Went over questions, sentences, blah. Boring.

Math - I HAVE A 96! Go Kaitlin. But I was so mad because I wanted to beat Jess, but no. She got a 97 average. :{ Whatever. (6 is wonderful for me anyways. I'll stick with that. :} Went over some stuff that I already understand but we have to do like 500 problems. Whatever.

Lunch - Um. Nothing happened. I just ate and talked as usual. Nothing good happens, when does it ever?

Math again - Same stuff.

ART - Blah. I hate art. Well I mean I like it, cuz I can be good if I want to be, but I just hate Ms. Maino. Chris got in toruble 2 and a half minutes into the class. I laughed. I GOT THE SAME SEAT 3 YEARS IN A ROW! It's right near the window and I love it because I can look outside, where I always want to be. yeah anyways. Did some name thing. I get to sick next to Nick Rutter. Great. Hilary, Emily, and Chris are on the opposite side of the room, which sucks. I have no civilization, except for Julia. I'll live I suppose.

Science - Took a quiz thing. No doubt about it, I failed. I knew nothing. She's such a bitch, but whatever. Then me and Emily were completely lost. Everyone started doing this project that me and Emily had no clue about. Every 5 seconds I would ask jess and Katelyn Bentley what we were doing. =P I think I annoyed them. Whatever. I had no clue what was going on, like usual. And great, that's first period tomorrow. We're screwed.

After school I went to Emma's. We walked around Building 19 and 1/18. Lmao. Yeah. Then we went to this place near a gas station where there are cows, goats, chickens, roosters, etc. That was retarded. They were walking on like fallen down houses and all this crap. it was bad, but whatever. Then we decided to go for a loooong walk. So we walked to Curran Road to see the cows. Walked a long way and couldn't find them. So we decided to take a random street and get lost. That didn't work considering we knew where we were the whole time. Walked near Alex's, Chris's, and around there. FINALLY FOUND THE COWS! Goddamnit. Lol. Watched them for awhile. Then we walked home. Met up with Ali and Jess. They bought candy, took pictures. Then left. We walked back to Emma's. We just ate chips and talked to Tess I guess? SAW 2 EMMA'S IN THE SAME CLASS IN THE PAPER! That was weird. I've never even seen one Emma in the paper before. Not like I read the paper anyways? haha, whatever. Then we went online, but I had to go.

Came home, ate supper, and brought my ghetto God (Hoshi) for a walk. Now I'm here, and I should be doing my homework, but it's only 7:06. I'll wait like an hour. :} Kay bye.
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